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Locksmith of Annapolis assigned a locksmith out for an emergency keyless lock fix and Hal, the locksmith was done in approximately half an hour. The replacement part was good quality and works great, and there was no harm caused. Fast, polite service from a trained locksmith who seems to really knows the craft. (Gloria J., Annapolis MD)
One of our Weiser locks has been causing problems for weeks. We contacted a different locksmith (NOT Locksmith of Annapolis) to repair it; he simply pulled the lock apart, put it back in and wanted a bunch of money. And it still didn't work properly couple of hours later. Disappointed, we looked for another local locksmith and luckily discovered Locksmith of Annapolis, who repaired the lock and cost us way less. (Rogers N. Annapolis Maryland)
Bottom line, thanks to Locksmith of Annapolis, a most probably horrible experience became eventually nearly pleasant. - Kirkpatrick C. Annapolis, MD
Looked for service when I misplaced the Mercedes Benz E-Klasse T-Modell keys at the Broadneck Music Dept School !! Hal was just first-class and offered a very sensible price. Hal truly wants to help and it without any doubt evident. Hal arranged an original car key that no other Annapolis locksmith offered. I would obviously recommend Locksmith of Annapolis for just about any car locksmith service in the vicinity of Annapolis MD. Very nice !!! (Seymour P. Annapolis MD)
Hal and Louie from Locksmith of Annapolis were first-rate. My brother-in-law and I had a emergency that had to be taken care of that very night and Hal and team were able to accommodate at last minute. They took care of our front door rapidly and with ease, and even gave help on how to improve the locks. Near the end of the service, I recalled that I had other trouble with smart key deadbolt from Baldwin and mentioned it. They repaired that also, all under the price. I totally recommend Hal for all Annapolis MD locksmith work. A contact worth saving :-)! (Vernie N., Annapolis )
Hal only charged me for the visit and his time. He didn't took anything for the deadbolt. And, Hal examined my back window to make sure it was working OK also. The service was way beyond, honest and quick. We couldn't ask for a better experience. - Marci J., Harker Place Annapolis, MD